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Harnessing The Power of Your Own Body To Cure What Ails You!

When you sit down to watch TV at night, how many pharmaceutical ads do you typically see? The ad introduces a drug and, without really telling you what it ‘helps’ you with, you are introduced to a long list of symptoms that it can address. These symptoms can, and usually include, anything and everything from […]



Going Barefoot For Better Health

“Illnesses do not come upon us out of the blue. They are developed from small daily sins against Nature. When enough sins have been accumulated, illnesses will suddenly appear.” ~Hippocrates There is a new movement afoot (you’ll get the pun in a moment) that is gaining a great deal of attention. It’s an age-old concept […]



Make Peace With Your TRUTH and Change Your Life

You have certain truths that are coursing through your veins right now, that are waiting for you to SEE them. You already know what those truths are. You know. You worry too much. You don’t pay enough attention to your nutrition. You can’t stand your job. You drink too much. You and a friend are […]



Intuitive Eating: Your Bio-Individual Roadmap To Health & Vitality

With a zillion diets on the market, and each claiming to be the best, it’s no wonder that we land in a great deal of confusion about what to eat and what is the best fuel for our bodies. Have you ever adopted a way of eating only to fail miserably at its dictates? Have […]


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