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How To Eat Intuitively For Optimal Health

These days we’re inundated with so many opinions, judgments and moralistic bents on what to eat and how to eat, it’s difficult to know which direction to go in. We’re told that vegetarianism is the gold standard of nutrition. We’re told that the Mediterranean diet holds the key to longevity, so that’s how we should eat. […]



How A High Fat Diet Can Make You Healthier, Smarter & Leaner

When did this happen? It was less than a decade ago that the dietary industry vilified fat and promoted healthy carbs to keep us healthy, fit and trim. Not only did we believe that fat made us fat, but fat was also, apparently, responsible for heart disease, obesity, and everything else in between. Turns out […]



The Little Known Key To Manifesting Your Desires

With all of the buzz on manifesting and the law of attraction, do you ever wonder why some of your desires don’t come to fruition? Perhaps it’s not so much about desire and more about alignment. So, what’s the difference? Desire can be born of anything. It can be born of a deep, inner longing. […]


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