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Manifesting 101: Getting Clear, Removing Obstacles and Letting Go of New Age B.S.

“What you seek is seeking you.”  ~ Rumi I love this quote by Rumi.  It reminds me that those experiences that I’m seeking are not random.  They’re not superfluous.  They’re part of my soul’s journey and they matter. But our new age world has sent us very mixed messages.  It has told us that ‘thoughts become […]



Your Primal Self: How To Turn It On, Heal It and Spark It Back To Life

At birth, we’re initiated from a spiritual existence into a physical one.  At the moment of conception, we funnel our Spirit into matter. At the heart of this matter is a primal heartbeat.  A primal self. This primal self is the self that has a pulse or vibration that allows our physical bodies to be […]



How The Natural World Conspires To Keep You Healthy

This natural world that we’re all born of is teeming with life-giving assets that are constantly conspiring to keep you healthy.  The bounty that it offers is remarkable.  Any food or substance that we would ever need in order to live and thrive, exists within nature. Nature’s foods include plants, fruits, nuts, seeds, animals and seafood. […]


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