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The Blame Game

A good ego loves someone or something to blame. In fact, it needs someone else to be at fault in order to strengthen its own position. It takes no responsibility for its own actions because that would require consciousness and an ego is anything but conscious. It avoids consciousness because that is too painful. Too […]



Letting Go

We read and hear about letting go in all its varying forms. But what does it really mean to let go and why are so many of us so reticent to do so? I think that in order to address this question, we have to consider all of the reasons why each of us hangs […]



Maybe, Just Maybe, You’re OK

The age-old conundrum: What’s wrong with me? Perhaps nothing. Maybe the only thing wrong with us is that we think something is wrong with us. This, of course, does not mean that we have hurdles that we shouldn’t overcome. It doesn’t mean that we don’t have sadness or guilt or jealousy or anger, at times. […]



Getting Comfortable With Discomfort

How do we grow in life? How do we move beyond ourselves into more conscious, aware people? Sometimes, realization just dawns. It sneaks up on us in the night and by morning we’re just more aware of something. But most of the time, we grow because something begins to bubble up within us that makes […]



The Common Denominator

We all know what a common denominator is. It is a commonly shared trait or number. But how about in your personal life? What does it mean when we refer to a personal common denominator? If I have an issue with a boyfriend, lets say he cheats on me, than I’m going to feel rather […]



Aligning With Your Soul’s Purpose

We all wonder what we’re ‘going to be when we grow up.’ Hell, some of us are still wondering! We wonder if there is some purpose that we are meant to be living out in this lifetime. And yet so many seem to struggle to uncover just what that is. In recent years, there has […]



One Problem…One Solution

I’ve read this so much lately, and it’s been resonating. We only ever have one problem. And there is only ever one solution. The problem is that we forget. We forget who we are and our original nature. Within this paradigm, we forget the power that we have and the creative force that it holds. […]



The Quiet Ones

Introverts and extroverts. We’re taught, rather overtly, in North American culture that the extrovert wins. He goes places. The loudest voice dominates. It gets all the attention. It has all the fun. To some extent, this might actually be true. And yet… Introverts get a bad rap. We appear to be the ones that sit […]



Get Your Sunshine On!

It’s officially summer! This time of year gives us a great opportunity to unwind, have some fun outside and recharge our health. Most importantly, we’re able to get a significant amount of Vitamin D at this time of year. Vitamin D is crucial for our health and happiness (research is showing low levels can contribute […]




What propels us to criticize another? At the time, we convince ourselves of many things. One may be that we feel superior and so we find it easy to criticize another. After all, no one measures up to our brilliance. We might criticize another out of fear. There may be something about that person that […]


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