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What Are Your Personal Calls To Action? How To Recognize and Act On Them

We all have ‘that’ voice inside of us. You know the one. It’s the one that whispers somewhere deep inside of you that you need to make a change, do something, stop doing something or try something new altogether. The one that is gently persistent and always loving. The one that keeps showing up, day […]



8 Body-Mind Hacks To Prep For Autumn

My favourite season is fast approaching.  That’s right.  It’s nature’s grande finale.  It’s like it’s saying…we’re going out with a bang, folks.  We’re saving the best for last.  Sweet, beautiful, colourful, cozy fall! Fall is a time where nature blooms brilliantly just before it goes into its deep, wintery slumber.  Like hibernating animals, it’s preparing […]



When Life Gets Tough: 5 Ways To Move Through Turmoil

“Any situation you are in has been perfectly planned for you by a self-organizing universe, invested in your growth and designed to foster your self-actualization. Whatever is happening, what lesson does it contain for you? Given that it’s not random, what is its importance to your growth? What are the strengths you’re being invited to […]



What To Eat on A Paleo Diet (Plus a Great Breakfast Recipe!)

We see it everywhere.  Paleo is the newest diet craze, but for good reason.  I’ve eaten this way for a while now because it’s the diet that keeps me incredibly healthy and it also happens to be the most biologically appropriate diet that we, as humans, can eat. But I really struggled with hopping on board […]



Express Yourself and Change Your Life

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.” ~ Dr. Seuss We are here for one reason and one reason only: As expressions. Expressions of what, you ask? We’re here as expressions of something much bigger than us. Something infinite; conscious; fully loving; fully […]



Eat Like A Nutritionist: 12 Dietary Habits That Can Radically Change Your Health

As a health and wellness coach who has a big focus on nutrition, food is a pretty big deal to me. And I love food. I love great tasting, healthy food and I always feel that we should enjoy what we eat. Creating great dietary habits can heal you of your ills, prevent new ones […]



The Top 5 Reasons Why We’re Sick, Fat & Unhappy

What is going on in our environment that is making us one of the most sickly, overweight and stressed out generations in history?  We have some of the most up-to-date medical advances in history and science is cutting-edge. So why are autoimmune diseases, cancer rates, diabetes, and mental illness at an all-time high? What is […]



Vegetarian Vs Meat Eating Diets: Is it REALLY a Moral Argument?

I’ve been playing with different diets for years now.  When I decided that I was going to completely overcome Crohn’s Disease, I knew that diet was going to play a pivotal role.  I had already spent years healing old, negative belief systems that I no longer wanted running my show.  I felt great and light mentally […]



Your Food Cravings: How To Move Beyond Them

It’s 8 pm and the kids have gone to bed. The day is finally over and dinner has been eaten. You sit down on the couch and turn on a movie. Although you’re full from dinner, you start feeling that itch. You know what I’m talking about. That itch to go to the cupboard and […]



How Intuitive Eating Can Change Your Life

There are a zillion diets on the market and each one promises you the keys to some magical, slim, healthy, life-changing kingdom. What all of these diets fail to communicate is that we are all biologically individual with unique metabolic requirements. Each of us comes in with a blueprint for the kinds of fuel our […]


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