How The Natural World Conspires To Keep You Healthy

This natural world that we’re all born of is teeming with life-giving assets that are constantly conspiring to keep you healthy.  The bounty that it offers is remarkable.  Any food or substance that we would ever need in order to live and thrive, exists within nature.

Nature’s foods include plants, fruits, nuts, seeds, animals and seafood.  Under the surface of the earth flows spring water, loaded with minerals that hydrate our bodies and keep us alive.

The herbs that grow wild in every forest on this earth contain powerful medicinal properties that can heal anything from chronic diarrhea to migraines. Interestingly, the base for almost all pharmaceuticals come from herbs and plants.  This is why if you get a taste of the medicines that you take, they taste bitter.  Herbs are often imbued with a bitter quality.  Pharmaceuticals stripped of their more adverse components boast amazing plant properties that are the basis of their healing potential.

And let’s not forget about our favourite and controversial healer:  The sun. Ahhh…the loveliness of the sun.  We’ve been worshiping the sun since the beginning of our time here on Earth and for good reason.  Every plant, animal, human and bacterial-based organism have photoelectric receptors that need sunlight in order to thrive.  Without the sun, we don’t exist.

And how about when you walk in a forest for a while?  The Japanese practice of forest bathing or Shinrin-Yoku has long been studied and practiced.  Forest bathing is known to lower blood pressure and equalize heart rate variability.  It can also boost the immune system and just plain and simply make us happy.

I’ll never forget one afternoon I went for a walk in the forest.  I had been slightly dehydrated but didn’t have any water with me.  I was planning on gulping my water when I got home.  Interestingly, after about an hour in the forest I was no longer dehydrated.  I get that it makes almost no sense – I drank no water while I was walking in the woods – but this is what happened.

On a more spiritual note, trees have often been referred to as The Standing Ones.  Meaning, these life-giving, complex networks are really Masters in disguise.  Ever go and hug a tree (at the risk of becoming a total hippie )?  Try it…it’s amazing.

When we shut down the narcissism of our social media obsessions for a while and get up off our couches and go out into nature, something magical happens. If we allow ourselves to be present enough, we see that we are part of a network – a support system, if you will – that keeps us strong, beautiful and healthy.

When we stay away from factory-made food like products and eat the bounty that nature has for us (all of the wonderful tasting plants, fruits, meats, seafood, fats, nuts and seeds) we can absolutely thrive.

And that’s what we were meant to do here.  Thrive.

Stepping back from our artificial worlds gets more and more difficult as we immerse ourselves more deeply in them.  And yet our souls and our biology long for a more intimate relationship with natural, simple pleasures.

And it’s our time of year.  The lakes are beckoning for you to jump in and swim. Our vines are popping with colourful berries.  The sun is shining and offering its crucial hormone, Vitamin D.  And the forests are calling your name.

Go and be a part of the world that has secrets to share with you that your smart phone simply can’t impart. Every part of you will sing your praises and beg for more.

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  1. Melissa says:

    Yes, yes, and yes! This is the perfect post.

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