The New Children: How To Remove The Labels and Get Them To Thrive

They’re here.

The children of the New Age.

They’ve been coming here since the millennium.  We know them to see them. Their eyes stand out.  Their gaze is piercing.  They’re hypersensitive.  And they love intensely.

Call them what you will:  Indigo children, crystal children, rainbow children.

They are here to shift us into a different gear.  They’re here because their high vibration has been attracted to the swiftly changing vibration of this planet.

We’re quickly moving from an old paradigm – one of patriarchy, violence, oppression, greed, power, force and separation – to the new paradigm.

This new age is ushering in a new consciousness and that’s why we’re seeing these kids.  These very different, unexpected kids.

You know the ones.

You can’t lie to them.  They’ve got your number.

They like to live in their own little world a lot.  Because this one is still somewhat overwhelming for them during this transition.

They create.  Through play, video games, art, story-telling…you name it…they’re creating it.

But most of all, they feel everything.

And we say, “Wait a minute, something seems off.  They’re not acting like we acted when we were kids.”

They’re distracted (really, they’re creating worlds in their minds).  They can’t calm down (because they’re hyper-responsive to their environment).  They abhor the old ways of parenting (intimidating, threatening, spanking and bribing will only drive them more inward).

And so industries that gain from our kids’ seeming inadequacies have said, Let’s make these kids sick and mentally deficient. 

We’ll call them Autistic.  We’ll say they have Asperger’s.  We’ll create labels like Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD.  We’ll say they’re too sensitive, hyperactive and unfocused.  We’ll say they’re flawed.

So we label them.  We medicate them.  We watch them with worry.

But perhaps we’ve missed the mark entirely.

Perhaps we’re flawed and looking under our flawed lens at what the ‘new normal’ is ushering in.

So, how can we help these kids be here and be okay?

We love the daylights out of them, for starters.  We drop our expectations of how we think they should be acting, behaving, schooling, playing and relating. We ask them, on a regular basis, what do you want?  What do you need?  What do you find fun?  Exciting?  Loving?

We feed them.  And we feed them really, really well.  We ditch all of the packaged foods that come with additives, preservatives, food dye and fillers. We give them foods that come directly from Mama Nature that will nourish their bodies and minds.  We do this because their bodies vibrate differently from older bodies.  They need good, whole, real food.  The stuff we put in their bodies needs to match their energy.  Organic, pesticide-free foods do this for them. Manufactured, preservative-laden, sugary foods collapse them.  We find out what their allergies or intolerances are and we remove those foods from their diet.

We let them be in nature and play in the dirt as much as possible.  We don’t slather their bodies with toxic sunscreen.  We let them get their much needed sunlight , Vitamin D and fresh air.  They thrive when they get it.

We seriously reconsider vaccines.  These kids are getting triple the number of vaccines that we got when we were kids.  We remember that the synergistic effects of vaccines (meaning multiple doses of different viruses given at the same time) have never been tested for safety.  And then we ask ourselves, when, in nature, would we ever come into contact with measles, mumps, rubella, diphtheria, polio, tetanus and pertussis…AT THE SAME TIME?  The simple answer is never.  So we do our due diligence.  We look into independent research on vaccines (meaning, studies that have NOT come out of the very industry who manufactures them) and then we decide.

We ensure that we connect with our kids and teach them how to connect with others.  Some of the new children default to non-connection.  As they find this world overwhelming and overstimulating, it becomes easy for them to shut off and shut down.  We don’t want this.  And this simply requires our time with them.

We spend time with them having fun.  We lie in bed with them and find out what’s happening in their imaginary worlds.  We go out in nature with them (where they most want to be) and explore all of the wonders that are there for the taking.

My daughter, who is 7 years old, is one of the New Children.  She can’t stand noisy environments.  She needs lots of play and make believe time.  She thrives when we give her clean, whole foods.  She is the most empathic person I’ve ever met.  And she loves incredibly deeply and openly.

While she is by all accounts a ‘normal’ little girl who does really well in school and has wonderful friendships and connects very, very well, she’s also different. And by different, I mean awesome.  She’s an accomplished artist.  She’s been drawing people with penetrating gazes since she was 2.  She knows things artistically that I, at 44, could never relate to.  She needs downtime. She can’t tolerate seeing or hearing of others’ being hurt or marginalized.  She’s that uber-sensitive soul.

And so I’m very, very careful with her.  We sleep with her when she needs it.  We go to her make believe world all the time with her (and she loves it).  We talk about why some people in this world hurt people and that they have closed hearts.  We talk about the fact that school is important but dwarfs in importance to her health and happiness.  We get her in the sunshine (without lotion) everyday.

We’re not perfect but we’re paying attention to her needs.  Because she, along with countless other kids are ushering in this New World.

Ditch the labels.  Know that your kid has come here with an incredibly high consciousness that requires very different ingredients for thriving.  Ask them what they need.  Listen.  Celebrate their differences.

They’re here to shake things up. Let’s let them.

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