Your Primal Self: How To Turn It On, Heal It and Spark It Back To Life

At birth, we’re initiated from a spiritual existence into a physical one.  At the moment of conception, we funnel our Spirit into matter.

At the heart of this matter is a primal heartbeat.  A primal self.

This primal self is the self that has a pulse or vibration that allows our physical bodies to be in full expression.  What does that mean?

It means that when you sit and stay within your primal self, you allow your Spirit to flow freely throughout your physical body without impediment.

This means that because our Spirits are inherently free (meaning there’s no clinging, denying, holding back, stagnation or reproach) they want to have a deep, unimpeded, intimate experience with life.

But the primal self needs some very particular ingredients in order to keep the body open and flowing and healthy.

Firstly, the primal body knows no social masking.  It’s most definitely not the part of us that murmurs, “Hi, good…how are you?” without any real feeling as we pay for our groceries at the check out counter.  The primal self only knows primal feelings.  I feel good.  I feel horrible.  I’m excited.  I’m exhausted.  I’m enraged. I’m euphoric.  I’m in love.  I can’t stand that person.  

You know…baseline honesty.

Next, the primal body yearns for honest and deep connection.  It yearns for connection to the earth and the elements.  Air, water, earth and fire.

Is there anything better than, in the heart of summertime, sitting around with friends, outside, by a lake, with a campfire?  This is the self fully engaged with all of the elements and it loves nothing more.

The primal self yearns to connect with others.  It yearns for honest, deep connection with people.  This doesn’t mean what you necessarily think it might mean.  Remember that I said honest.  That means within this deep connection we say it like it is.  We say what’s on our minds.  We hug someone if that’s what comes up (even if our social mask whispers, “Um, that’s inappropriate.”). Because, again, the primal self knows nothing of socially engendered behaviour. In fact, the primal self abhors such behaviour because, let’s face it, it’s anything but real and honest at times.

The primal self needs and yearns for sex.  Deep, connected, eyes wide open sex. In fact, our sexual nature is the pulse that wires our primal selves.  This may not mean that sex comes in the form of intercourse.  Although that is the baseline physical manifestation of our primal drive.

But we also simply need to connect with our basic sexual nature.  So, what does that mean?  Can you connect, with or without anyone else, to that base vibration deep within your sacral chakra?  Can you create with ease?  Can you move your body without impediment?  Are you fluid and comfortable within your own skin?

And of course any conversation about our primal sexual nature would not be complete without mentioning our basic mortal wound around sex:  GUILT.  Can you drop any and all guilt around your sexual past, your sexual fantasies and desires?  And let’s make this clear:  It doesn’t matter whether you’re in a committed relationship or not.  We all fantasize about sex with people who aren’t necessarily our partners.

Get over it.

If we’re all doing it, can we not just drop our guilt about it?  After all, to subdue or suppress this innate drive is to suppress our very primal nature.  And it’s time we all gave it its voice back.

As we heal and repair and reinstitute our primal selves, an inner momentum is initiated.  We can spontaneously heal physical illness.  Yes, you read that right. As we uncork this primal energy that sits deep within the body, we open up energy centres that have been previously stagnant, shut down and imbalanced. Finally, we get flow back into those previously gummed up areas.

Addictions can heal when we restore our primal selves.  How are addictions related to a lockdown on primal energy?

Let’s look at this.  What happens when we’re in the throws of our addiction? And it doesn’t matter if it’s alcohol, smoking, heroin, shopping or any other form of addiction.  What happens?

We temporarily drop our inhibitions.

And what do we mean by inhibitions…really?  According to the dictionary, Inhibition means, a voluntary or involuntary restraint on the direct expression of an instinct.  The action of inhibiting, restricting, or hindering a process.

So when we are inhibited, we’re clamping down on our instincts.  And our instincts are nothing, if not primal.  Therefore, at the heart of addiction is the denying and suppression of our primal selves.

Finally, the primal self yearns for connection with the SELF.  It yearns for radical self-honesty.  This means we stop bullshitting ourselves about our lives, our desires and our needs.  Even when these things fly in the face of some culturally-imposed idea of normal.

Are you here to impress the masses or are you here to live your life on your terms?

Your primal self holds the promise of aliveness.  It is your spiritual electricity and it wants to be turned on (snicker, snicker).

So get brave and flip that switch.  You might piss some people off in the process but that’s always the intelligence within our Spirits to pull out unwanted weeds. As I see it, if who you are pisses someone off, than they simply weren’t for you.  Either that, or they’ll get over it.

That spark awaits you.  In fact, it’s the long-held promise of consciousness here on Earth.

2 Responses to “Your Primal Self: How To Turn It On, Heal It and Spark It Back To Life”
  1. Kelly says:

    I love this post! It’s so interesting to notice that with kids, they exhibit honest connection with people so much more than most adults… they say it like it is (even when it’s not what we want to hear!), hug whenever they see a need, and generally seem to just go with their instincts in what they say and do. Over time they lose that, as we teach them how to act in ‘appropriate ways’, so they can evolve into socially appropriate adults. I love the idea of saying and doing what I want as an adult, without worrying about others’ opinions or trying to keep up with others… to be authentic to myself and stop caring so much about the impression I make on everyone. My new goal: to ‘flip that switch’, as you said! Thanks for the inspiration : )

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much Kelly! I always hope my blogs speak to people and strike a cord…I’m glad this did with you 🙂

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