Do you know what kohlrabi is? Until last year I had never heard of it or seen one but now I’m well acquainted with this magnificent vegetable and it has a special significance for me.

One day last summer, my beautiful, young, vibrant, fabulous friend told me she was getting a lump checked out, and yes it ultimately turned out to be the scary C word. The day after we had this conversation, I received an email article about the incredible cancer fighting properties of a vegetable called kohlrabi. The day after that, I received a mysterious item in my weekly produce delivery box. Behold, I was looking at my first kohlrabi. Maybe these were three unrelated events, but to me, I was receiving a message that couldn’t be clearer. I needed to make kohlrabi juice for my friend immediately!

Kohlrabi is a member of the cruciferous family. It has a flavour similar to broccoli and a weird appearance. It is light green and looks like a tiny cabbage with thick stems and leaves poking out of its top. Kohlrabi happens to juice impressively well, meaning it yields a lot of liquid and its density isn’t too taxing on my juicer. As for its cancer fighting super powers, I’ll quote directly from the experts:

…kohlrabi is filled with the enzyme myrosinase, which turns sulfur-filled compounds called glucosinolates into isothiocyanates, which in turn fight cancer. The glucosinolates also get changed into compounds called indoles, which seem to modify estrogen’s ability to spur cell growth.

Its anti-oxidant property helps the human body protect from diseases and cancers by scavenging harmful free radicals from the body.

Kohlrabi is one of those amazing vegetables that seems blessed with high levels of phytochemicals, particularly glucosinolates, which are considered some of the most important antioxidant compounds for the prevention of cancer, including breast and prostate cancer.


  • ½ of a kohlrabi
  • ½ of a lemon – peeled
  • 2 pears

Wash and slice everything according to your juicer’s capabilities and juice away. Intention is powerful. Believe in healing, infuse this juice with your love.

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