Sometimes I approach recipe creation like an art form: imaginative and playful, I experiment with an idea until I get it right. Other times, and more often than not, it is a haphazard approach, such as looking in the fridge and working with whatever items are there to create something edible and hopefully interesting! Bliss juice is one of those unplanned incidents that worked out surprisingly well. I never imagined that beets and oranges would be such a fantastic pairing but the refreshing citrus of the oranges bounce off the rich, dense beets to create pure Bliss.

Beets are one of those vegetables that juice really well. Beets have a high water content, brilliant colour and earthy flavour. I like mixing beets and red peppers in juice, it’s earth meets fire. Don’t ask me why but juiced red peppers have a slightly smoky flavour (…or maybe it’s just me?!). In Bliss juice, the combined muskiness of the beets and red pepper is beautifully quenched by the sweet citrus from the oranges and lemon.

Beet juice has a unique benefit and if you’re an endurance athlete you know what I’m talking about. It is proven that beet juice can boost your athletic performance! The high nitrate content in beets actually helps your body perform your sport with less effort by increasing your oxygen intake. Beets are also a fantastic food for your general health. Some of the numerous benefits include: inhibiting tumour growth of certain cancers, stimulating your liver function, preventing strokes due to its potassium content, and if you’re pregnant, is excellent for your baby’s proper development due to its vitamin B folate content. Enjoy your Bliss baby!


3 beets* (the beets don’t have to be peeled but peeling them reduces the earthiness of the flavour)
2 oranges – peeled
1 lemon – peeled
½ of a red pepper – stem and seeds removed
Wash and slice everything according to your juicer’s capabilities and juice away.

*Have you ever heard of beeturia? The purple pigment in beets exits your body in the same colour it entered. Don’t be alarmed, it is weird but normal.

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