Green Love

Green Love

For me, juicing doesn’t get better than this! Presenting, my absolute favorite green juice recipe: Green Love. This amazing green juice is a nutritional champion and tastes even better than you can imagine! Nourish your body with a cup of Green Love and every cell in your body will love you right back. This beautiful juice heals on so many levels: it supports and strengthens your immune and digestive systems, detoxifies, is full of antioxidants, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Let the healing begin! While other green juices may be an acquired taste, this one tastes heavenly. The gentle, mild greens are lightly kissed by the fennel and blanketed by the sweet, smooth pineapple. If this isn’t a recipe for love I don’t know what is!

To squeeze the most nutrition out of this juice, I suggest juicing the green leaves first on a slow setting (if that’s an option with your juicer). Nutrients in leafy greens are delicate so it’s best to juice them first before the juicer heats up. Also, this is a juice that should really be consumed right away because the green leafy nutrients deteriorate quickly after juicing.

• 2 romaine leaves or 1 kale leaf
• 2 celery stalks
• Half an English cucumber
• 5cm thick slice of a whole pineapple (skin removed)
• ¼ of a fennel bulb*

*Be careful with fennel! The strength of the flavour varies greatly in this vegetable, ranging from weak to extremely potent. I have noticed that organic fennel often has a much stronger flavour than non-organic fennel. When making this juice I suggest adding the fennel last, and add it one small piece at a time, taste testing the results as you go. The right amount of fennel adds the perfect tang to this recipe while the wrong amount will saturate all other flavours.

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Green Love

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