Luscious Green

Luscious Green

Luscious and in season, melons and zucchini are bountiful right now. Growing season is relatively short in Ottawa so I cherish this time of year when I get to juice fresh and locally grown goodies. I am especially loving all the fresh zucchini and am adding it to everything I make these days: pasta, casseroles, salads, muffins, smoothies and juice! Zucchini has a wonderfully gentle, easy green flavour that twists into an appealing, fresh drink when blended with a slightly sweet fruit, like a canary melon. Zucchini and melons are ideal for juicing with their high water content and soft texture. Such a bonus that they taste luscious together!

Nutritionally, both zucchini and canary melon contain an array of vitamins, including A and C, which support your eye health and immune system. My focus is always on nutrition and I never count calories, but I can’t help but cautiously note that both zucchini and canary melon are really low in calories. The low caloric value makes this light juice a perfect accompaniment to a meal since it won’t fill you up. In general though, I don’t place importance on calories because when your body is thriving and well-nourished, calories are simply irrelevant.


  • 1 zucchini
  • 1 cup of diced canary melon – peeled and seeded

Wash the zucchini well and leave its skin on. Peel the melon and scoop out the seeds. Chop your produce to the right size and juice it up!

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