Shooter #2 – Hello Summer

Shooter #2 – Hello Summer

Nothing says Hello Summer like just-pulled-from-the-earth-rhubarb. This is the time of year I greedily offer to help out friends, neighbours and pretty much anyone who has extra rhubarb growing in their yard. In my house we devour rhubarb crumble as quickly as I can make it. And since I juice most plants that cross my path, I always save some rhubarb for juicing! I love its crazy tartness and unique flavour. I pair it with a single sweet apple to balance the sourness without disguising the rhubarb taste.

For the record, rhubarb crumble qualifies as a healthy dessert choice but raw rhubarb juice even healthier! It’s high in vitamin K and contains an impressive amount of calcium. It also contains many B vitamins and an array of minerals.

A couple of cautions. Rhubarb is really fibrous which can be hard on the juicer. When juicing it, be alert for clogs and juice only one stalk at a time. And most importantly, rhubarb leaves are seriously toxic so never eat/juice them. Even eating a small amount of rhubarb leaves can make you very ill. Thankfully the stalks are completely edible!


  • 3 rhubarb stalks
  • 1 sweet apple – cored but not peeled (Red Delicious is an excellent choice)

Wash, slice and juice away!

PS – here’s the link to one of my favorite rhubarb crumble recipes!

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Shooter #2 - Hello Summer

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