Stellar Cellar

Stellar Cellar

Pickings are slim this time of year when you’re seeking local, seasonal, organic produce to throw in your juicer but you might just be able to find root vegetables and apples left over from the previous season. So with that in mind, I present to you a hearty, sweet glass of Stellar Cellar Juice to help boost your health in the deep wintery month of February.

Indulge me with a little juice fantasy. Let’s imagine that we’re hanging out in our pretend country kitchen, in a rickety, old farm house. We’re not bothered by the drafts since we’re cozied up by the wood stove, sheltered from the howling wintery weather outdoors. It’s been a long winter and we need a pick-me-up! So we creep down into the dusty old basement and into the cellar to see what remnants are left from the harvest. I spy sweet potatoes and apples. Yes! We can create magic with sweet potatoes and apples! Sweet potato juice is creamy and sweet and blends beautifully with apples to make a soul-soothing, health boosting, nutritional super juice: Stellar Cellar!

I realize that, technically, Stellar Cellar is not in season but in Ottawa, it is pretty close. You can always garnish with an icicle to give it true seasonal authenticity! But if you’d rather be reminded of warmer parts of the world, a little slice of healing ginger will add spice and serious therapeutic properties. Another option is a dash of cinnamon to compliment the apples.

From a healing perspective, Stellar Cellar juice provides a blizzard of health benefits! Sweet potatoes are a super food, exceptionally high in vitamin A and antioxidants. I add a teaspoon of flaxseed oil to this juice so that your body can easily utilize the abundant fat soluble vitamin A. I often add flaxseed oil to my juices to boost vitamin absorption and to add anti-inflammatory properties of this wonderful omega 3 fatty acid. And finally, apples! Apples are one of my favorite anti-cancer foods. Did you know that the pectin in apples actually binds to toxins and removes them from your body? An apple a day…

• 2 small sweet potatoes –not peeled
• 3 small apples –cored but not peeled
• 1 tsp flax seed oil

Optional Enhancements
• 2-4 cm thick slice of ginger root
• Dash of cinnamon
• Icicle or snowball

Wash the sweet potatoes and apples well. Core the apple but do not peel anything. Slice according to your juicer’s capabilities. Juice the sweet potato, apple and ginger (optional). Stir the flax seed oil directly into the juice. If you’re in the mood, sprinkle with cinnamon. Feel free to decorate it with winter! As with all raw juices, it’s best to drink right away for maximum nutritional potency.

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Stellar Cellar

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