Spirit and Food: How You Can’t Have One Without The Other For Optimal Health

We all want wonderful and vibrant health.  And there are so many different styles of eating that can bolster our health and even heal chronic conditions.

When I began eating a Paleo Diet I felt a massive shift in my physical health.  My bloating, sore joints, headaches and fatigue went away.  As someone with a history of aggressive autoimmune disease, this diet completely changed my physiology.

But before I ever came to this diet, I had done years of spiritual and emotional work with myself.  I unraveled the original trauma that catapulted this illness into expression.  And I continue to work with this energy.

If we’re looking to heal our relationship with food, an illness, a food addiction, or lose weight, we can’t look to diet alone.  It’s only half of the equation.  We need to peek under the covers at our Spirit and find out where her needs haven’t been met or where trauma is still brewing.

In my experience with both my own journey and the journeys of my clients, unless we go under the hood, we’re only putting a bandaid on something that requires a much deeper dive.

Simply changing our diets to heal what ails us without looking at the psycho-spiritual aspects of our beings is like trying to fix a car by repainting the body and ignoring the engine.  Doesn’t make sense.

For Those Dealing With Weight Issues (Wanting to lose or gain weight)

Ask yourself…how do I feel insufficient?  Who didn’t love me?  Do I love myself? What am I hiding?  How have I convinced myself that I’m not enough?

Ask yourself these questions and then be willing to fully be with what comes up. Can you sit within your own honesty and love yourself enough to be with that honesty?

For Those Dealing With An Illness

Many of the above-noted questions can apply.  You may want to go a step further and ask…Do I carry my own pain or do I carry the pain of others?  Have I been punishing myself for some perceived offence?  Am I following the rules and guidelines of the socially acceptable or can I turn away from ‘out there’ and come back to what means most ‘in here?’  Am I holding anger, resentment, guilt or fear?

Look to the year or two preceding the onset of your illness.  Find out what was happening in your life at that time that didn’t feel particularly great (okay, it likely felt pretty shitty).  See if you can take that time in your life and project it onto an imagined movie screen.  See how you, at that time, reacted to your experience and what you did with the pain.

For me, I put the pain that I couldn’t manage into my belly.  That’s where I still default with unprocessed pain.  Be willing to look at that pain, make friends with it and then send it back to its source.  If it wasn’t yours to begin with (and it so often isn’t…it’s adopted), than let it go.

For Those Looking To Heal Food Cravings and Addictions

We so often don’t take seriously people who feel helpless around food.  Ditto for those that have food addictions.  I work with a woman who was addicted to chocolate for over 15 years.  This was a serious and overwhelming addiction.  She had been to countless practitioners who simply didn’t take her addiction seriously.  She got the same advice from most of them:  Just eat more fat and protein and stop eating the chocolate.

She tells me that I was the first person to take her addiction seriously.  We also endeavoured to take a pretty deep look under the hood of her history.  It turns out there were very good reasons for her addiction.  And now she’s free from this addiction and the pain that preceded it.

Firstly, take your cravings or addictions seriously.  Very seriously.  Food addictions are the toughest to break.  Why?  Because we need food to live.  We can get along quite well, thank you very much, without alcohol or drugs or another pair of shoes.  But food?  Not so simple.

Be willing to look at when your relationship with food moved to shaky ground. All the same questions apply.  What was happening in your life at that time?  What, within yourself, are you still avoiding looking at and are using food as the healing balm instead?

Our relationship with food is important.  But our relationship with ourselves is even more crucial.  Find out what’s going on inside.  And know that your pain has incredible potential.

It has the potential to take you to the best version of yourself.  Why do you think we rub up against adversity in the first place?  Adversity without purpose would point to a meaningless and possibly cruel Universe.

I know different and I’m betting you do too.

Your adversity is where your greatest potential lies.  Take a look.  You might as well do it now.  Because what we don’t heal now will be up for renewal later.  Be willing to set yourself free.

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