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“When I was 7 years old I got really, really sick. I would be sick for the next 20 years. I wanted so badly to be healthy and well. I knew there were other options. Over the next decade (and to this day) I have completely transformed my health and my mindset. I learned how to release old, unrelenting trauma. I saw that this body and mind were completely moldable. Nothing was written in stone.

In fact, being sick for so long was like an invitation to come and see what was possible. I changed my mind, changed my diet and stepped into my fullest potential. I’m still working, overcoming, and fine-tuning. And I’m here to tell you that there is another way. It will shift the way you live, eat, move, breath and feel in your body/mind. It will change everything.”

Soul Food:  A Three Month Program To Radically Shift Your Health and Step Into Your Soul Radiance

This program is about bringing up old, unaccounted for truths. It is about finding out what really makes you tick and helping you to finally EXPRESS it. It is about feeding yourself REAL food that is chosen for your unique body and mind. This method utilizes the principles of Ayurveda, which is a 5000 year old system of assessing and balancing your body and mind. In a nutshell, The Soul Food Program is about recalling your original state of health, joy and vibrancy!

How The Soul Food Program Can Help You:

  • We help you to find your authentic voice and to use that voice no matter how scary that may be. We often move through our lives emulating the voices of generations past, even if that is no longer our authentic voice. It’s time for your voice to be heard.
  • We work together to create a Bio-Individual Nutritional Plan that has the ability to execute massive healing benefits to you.
  • We let go of old, limiting beliefs.
  • We gather the courage to own and walk the path that your soul intended for you long, long ago.
  • Sessions take place, in person, at Ann’s office in Carp (25 minutes from downtown Ottawa, 10 minutes from Kanata and Stittsville) OR at a distance via phone sessions

Soul Food Sessions

1 session for $149, 3 sessions for $400

Discovery Sessions: Let's have a 20 minute, FREE chat to see how I can help you and if we're a match! Drop me an email at to set up our chat.

Three sessions are recommended in order to create a customized program tailored to your unique needs.

This program looks at the energetic, emotional, mental and physical challenges that have laid the foundation to an ill or unhappy body. We will go under the hood to see where we are not standing in our own truth; where we have abdicated our personal power, our feelings, our desires and our needs. We look at how have we fed ourselves insufficiently, emotionally or nutritionally. These sessions lay the groundwork to help you clean up the gut and reboot your immune system. These sessions are my pride and joy as I have recovered completely from a severe autoimmune disease called Crohn's Disease (read more about my story here) using these methodologies. We will find out what your body, mind and soul have been trying to communicate with you. We will create a bio-individual diet that will help you to move on from your struggles. We will assess you, using the principles of Ayurvedic Medicine (a 5000 year old study of the integrative treatment of body and mind) and look at which foods your body loves and will help it to thrive.

Soul Radiance Sessions - Intuitively Guided Energy Healing Sessions

1 session for $149, 3 Sessions for $400

Energy Medicine is a powerful means by which we can tap into our inherent light.  Ann works through each of the chakras to uncover and release old, outdated energy patterns and pain.  As this healing is done with Divine Guidance and partnership, this is a deep and often overwhelming healing.  Clients report feeling immense emotional and often physical relief.  Old, outdated patterns, beliefs and reactions are released to make room for the SOUL to inform the body and mind.  Three sessions are recommended for deep and thorough healing of old life patterns, however, one healing can stand alone.  As a highly adept intuitive, Ann is able to tell you what she sees in your energetic, physical and emotional systems and what gets released.

Soul Food: A Three Month Program To Radically Shift Your Health and Step Into Your Soul Radiance

3 Months – 8 Sessions - $1100 | A Three Month Program to Radically Shift The Way Your Body-Mind Functions

Discovery Sessions: Let's have a 20 minute, FREE chat to see how I can help you and if we're a match! Drop me an email at to set up our chat.

"When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need." ~ Ayurvedic proverb

  • We put a stop to the endless diet dance and, through our unique methodology, uncover your perfect diet and eating style.
  • First stop: HEAL THE GUT. All healing starts in the gut. We do this first to set the stage for all subsequent healing.
  • We dig out the original wounds that brought about the digestive distress in the first place.
  • We discover the original core beliefs that were developed from this wounding and give those parts of you a voice.
  • We find your original and authentic voice – you know…the one you were born with and meant to bring to the rest of your life experience.

"Why let go of yesterday? Because yesterday has already let go of you." ~ Steve Maraboli

By The End of the 3 Months You Will…

  • Know which foods hinder your body/mind and which foods heal & support your body/mind.
  • Have taken all steps necessary to overcome your digestive distress.
  • Create a nutrition plan that you love (and that your body loves even more!)
  • Better immunity and energy.
  • Drop the burdens of heavy childhood, emotional baggage
  • Have the tools to deal with any future ups & downs
  • Have clear and unfettered access to your own unique voice
  • Uncover what it is that you're here to express to this world

Emotional Baggage Clean-Up + Your Optimal Nutrition Plan = YOU living with the best health and happiness possible!

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